Set up Mobs of any type as admin shop. Shops will use a Inventory-Menu to buy/sell items

Setup Guide

0) Information before installing

The mod PotionCore currently breaks the entitiy interaction event on network traffic level (where sponge tries to track it). Please check if your modpack is using that.

Pixelmon and other total conversions might mess with mob placement and replacement. Please ensure such features are disabled in the mods config before they’re spammed on your world. You should probably know the details for this command in case something goes wrong.

1) Install dependencies

Install some economy plugin - TotalEconomy is a pretty popular one. You might want to set up the default currency, paydays and other options.

Install LangSwitch.
You do not have to configure this plugin.

Install MegaMenus.
You do not have to configure this plugin.

2) Install VillagerShops

There’s two ways to install it:

a) Download the zip release from GitHub

Extract the zip and upload both, the mods and config folder, to your server.

b) Download the jar release from here

Upload it to your server like normal and start the server once for configurations to generate.
Now go into /vshop/settings.conf and enable the auto downloader before reloading the config with /vshop reload. Once villager shop tells you to restart the server you can also load the translations with /sponge plugin langswitch reload

3) About auto download

Translations will not automatically update. This is to prevent the plugin from replacing customized translations.
If you want to update the translations after a plugin update through ore you have to delete the translations (all) from /config/vshop/Lang/. After this you can call /vshop reload and /sponge plugin langswitch reload to download and load the new translations.

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