Set up Mobs of any type as admin shop. Shops will use a Inventory-Menu to buy/sell items


For every edit command but create, please look at the shop
(The commands are written as Usage Messages, you can google docopt for more information)

  • /vshop create [--at <World/X/Y/Z/Rotation>] <EntityType> [--skin <Skin>] [DisplayName]
  • /vshop delete (deletes shop)
  • /vshop import (or adapt, to use an existing mob/entity as shop)
  • /vshop release (or free, delete a shop but keep the mob/entity)
  • /vshop add [-l <Limit>] <~|BuyPrice> <~|SellPrice> [Currency] [-o <Index>] [--filter <ignore_nbt|ignore_damage|type_only|oredict|normal>]
  • /vshop remove <Index> (removes item from shop)
  • /vshop link (connect a playershop to a different chest)
  • /vshop identify or /vshop id
  • /vshop save
  • /vshop reload [--translations] (reload settings.conf, –translations will force download/replace translation files)
  • /vshop ledger [Player] or /vshop log [Player] (display last 100 transactions the players shops made)
  • /vshop list [Player] (list all shops, offer invsee for player shops and tp)
  • /vshop tphere <Shop ID> moves a shop by id (/vshop identify) to your current location

Common examples:
/vshop add 3 2 - a player pays 3 default currency for single items they buy and get 2 default currency for ever single item they sell.
/vshop add 3 ~ - players can only buy the item.
/vshop create sponge:human --skin 069a79f4-44e9-4726-a5be-fca90e38aaf5 - creates a player-type shop with a skin. Just use a uuid finder (ffs use google). Also player skins bug when you join those chunks - can’t do anything about that.


  • vshop.edit.admin edit any shop, create admin shops, /vshop save, /vshop reload, /vshop list
  • vshop.edit.player is required to create your player shop
  • the add, remove and delete command are always available for shops you own
  • vshop.create.<ENTITYTYPE> is required for each entity type a player should be allowed to create, where colons are replaced with dots and dashed are taken out. so for example minecraft:villagers would require vshop.create.minecraft.villager
  • vshop.edit.import for /vshop import, /vshop release
  • vshop.edit.identify for /vshop identify
  • vshop.edit.linkchest for /vshop link
  • vshop.edit.move for /vshop tphere
  • vshop.ledger.base for /vshop ledger
  • vshop.ledger.others for /vshop ledger <Player>


With LuckPerms you can set options like /lp user DosMike meta set KEY VALUE

  • vshop.option.playershop.limit Number of player-shops one is allowed to have
  • vshop.option.dailyincome.limit Maximum money a player may earn through admin shops per irl day, reset at 24:00 server time
  • vshop.option.chestlink.distance Maximum distance a player-shop may have to it’s stock-container. This affects /vshop link as well as /vshop tphere

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Published on Aug 14, 2017




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