An advanced plugin for backing up player data such as inventories



AnvilPowered released this version on Nov 27, 2020

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For server owners: data and config is still compatible from older versions, you must only change jars.

This release has breaking changes and requires Anvil v0.3

The configuration setting previously known as serialize.waitForSnapshotOnJoin is no longer recognized by DataSync and may be deleted. The replacement is serialize.deserializeOnJoinDelayMillis where any positive value represents true in the old setting.


  • Updated license to LGPL-3.0 (was GPL-3.0)
  • Fixed same name showing up multiple times for /sync up
  • SERIALIZE_WAIT_FOR_SNAPSHOT_ON_JOIN is now DESERIALIZE_ON_JOIN_DELAY_MILLIS (new one will be added to config automatically, old one can be removed manually)
  • Lots of improvements for multi-server environments
    • Players can now be frozen on join to prevent accidental item loss (configurable with DESERIALIZE_ON_JOIN_DELAY_MILLIS)
    • DataSync will also try to deal with people leaving before the freeze-time is up
  • Restoring a snapshot created on death no longer kills when restored