An advanced plugin for backing up player data such as inventories


(Newer version of MSDataSync)

Plug and play, no external database setup required!

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Updating from v0.7 -> v0.8? Please read

The configuration setting previously known as serialize.waitForSnapshotOnJoin is no longer recognized by DataSync and may be deleted. The replacement is serialize.deserializeOnJoinDelayMillis where any positive value represents true in the old setting.

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Although DataSync supports MongoDB, it uses Xodus by default. Xodus is an in-memory database that stores data in your main server directory. To install DataSync, simply download the latest version and place it in your plugins folder. Please note that you also need to install Anvil v0.3 as well.


To list snapshots for a user, run /sync snap list <user>

sync snap list

Each snapshot represents the player’s data at that point in time. Currently this includes: experience, game mode, health, hunger and inventory

To view more information about a snapshot, click the yellow time or run /sync snap info <user> [<snapshot>]. The snapshot argument can be either the time or id of the snapshot. If you leave this argument blank, it will get the latest snapshot.

sync snap info

To manually create a snapshot, run /sync snap create <username>

sync snap create

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Published on Jul 19, 2020




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