A cross-platform database API / ORM / entity framework with useful services for minecraft plugins


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Anvil is a plugin API that aims to help developers create structured cross-platform plugins. Included in anvil is an entity framework and many services that abstract platform-specific actions so that they can be used in common code, which means you don’t need to create a completely rewritten plugin for each platform you’d like your plugin to run on - you write the common code and Anvil will help you easily integrate it into each platform.

Anvil is not only cross-platform for plugin platforms but also for databases. As of this writing, Anvil ships with MongoDB and Xodus support by default. With Anvil, you can write a central abstract set of logic that can work on several different database types.

The two databases that are natively supported at the moment are MongoDB and Xodus.

Anvil will use Xodus out of the box, meaning there is no configuring or set up required other than placing the jar in the appropriate folder in your server.

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Published on Apr 22, 2020




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