A cross-platform database API / ORM / entity framework with useful services for minecraft plugins



AnvilPowered released this version on Nov 27, 2020

11.0 MB

This release has breaking changes. Exercise caution when updating as Anvil v0.2 plugins will not work with Anvil v0.3

New features

  • RegEdit
    • You can now edit the config with commands! Use /anvilb|v regedit start <env>
    • Requires permission anvil.admin.regedit, and access to sensitive settings (such as hostnames, passwords) is disabled by default
  • RestrictionService: you can freeze players via the api now. Pick from movement, interaction, inventory, commands and damage (or any combination thereof)
  • Added appendPrefix() in TextService that uses the bound PluginInfo
  • Added TIME_ZONE to config, used by the TimeFormatService
  • Added some useful methods to UserService


  • Bumped configurate to v3.7
  • Moved from kyori text to adventure for velocity
  • TimeFormatService now parses and returns formatted strings with weeks
  • Key stuff
    • Keys are now constructed with Key.builder() instead of anonymous class through protected constructor.
    • Primarily thanks to type erasure, Key no longer extends TypeToken
  • Flattened some unnecessarily nested packages


  • Tab completion fixes on spigot/bungee
  • Fixed some bugs with load order in the BaseRegistry
  • Many more that aren’t listed here