A Sponge plugin that allows simple modification of chat and other messages


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Want to take your server’s chat to the next level? Have pretty, customizable formatting for all your server’s messages? Be able to reuse pieces of text in multiple messages? Then FeatherChat might be what you are looking for!

Just want to have prefixes show up? Then FeatherChat’s default configuration will make that happen, no setup needed.

Features include:

  • HTML-style formatting tags
  • Control over server list ping, join, quit, /stop, chat, and emote (/me) message formats
  • Mute functionality
  • Attach permissions to chatting
  • Simple chat channels functionality, including ranged and permission-based chat broadcasts
  • Send any number of independent MOTD messages to players when they join the server
  • Filter out specific phrases with permission-based overrides
  • Command-based interface for most settings

The wiki has a complete reference to commands and permissions that can be used when setting up the plugin.

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Published on Sep 14, 2019




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Licensed under AGPLv3

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