A User Interface library and plugin for creating GUIs in the chat box

Chat UI

A User Interface library and plugin for creating GUIs in Minecraft’s chat box.


To enhance player user experience on multiplayer by utilizing the chat box. In addition, this plugin provides a graphical approach to tasks commonly performed with commands.


  • Tabbed interface with status bar
  • Player list with admin tools
  • Private messages between players
  • Pagination viewer
  • Configuration editor for the server config
  • Permissions manager
  • Chat groups
  • Per-player settings with ability to disable the interface
  • Expandable - other plugins can hook into the interface and add new features

For a full description and demonstration of Chat UI’s features, please check out the wiki.


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Chat UI Library

Since version 2.0.0 Chat UI has split into two components. It now requires Chat UI Library in order to function. The library provides the infrastructure for building interfaces in chat, and Chat UI provides an end-user experience with its tabbed interface.


Configuration File

For UI configuration (width/height/etc) refer to Chat UI Library’s configuration.

The configuration file is located in config/chatui/chatui.conf

A completely fresh copy of the config looks like the following:

features {
    "chatui:chatgroup" {
        config {}
    "chatui:privmsg" {
        config {}
player-settings {

The features section defines configuration for features registered to Chat UI. This includes any other plugins that add features to Chat UI.

Each feature has it’s own subsection with the key being the plugin ID and feature ID.
Features can be enabled or disabled with the enabled key.

player-settings store the Chat UI specific player settings, indexed by the player’s UUID.

Not to be confused with the player-settings option from Chat UI Library.

The only setting at the moment is enabled. If set to true then the interface is enabled for that user, otherwise if false it is no shown.

Settings in this config section are typically controlled by the player’s interaction with Chat UI, the server admin need not configure manually.


Chat UI Library has several commands for configuring the UI.

When the interface is enabled, /chatui disable will disable it. When disabled, /chatui enable will enable it again.


The following permissions are defined by Chat UI:

chatui.admin.configAllow this subject the ability to view the server config. Note: granting this permission also grants the subject all sub-permissions. They will need to be explicitly denied if not desired
chatui.admin.config.addAbility to add new values to the server config
chatui.admin.config.deleteAbility to delete values from the server config
chatui.admin.config.editAbility to edit values in the server config
chatui.admin.group.createAbility to create chat groups
chatui.admin.group.deleteAbility to delete chat groups
chatui.admin.permissionsAbility to use the permissions manager. Note that Chat UI has PEX integration, so if you have PEX, the player will also need permission to use PEX’s commands
chatui.admin.player.banAbility to ban players from the player list tab
chatui.admin.player.kickAbility to kick players from the player list tab

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