Staff member login authentication system

This is a Sponge based plugin - it does not use any Pixelmon code, so this jar file will work on both Generations and Reforged (and non-Pixelmon servers as well).

This plugin creates a user password system for your staff members. Upon logging in, the plugin will use the config to recognize any staff members defined in it. They will be frozen in place, unable to move. They won’t be able to speak in chat (except to enter their password). They won’t be able to run any commands. And they won’t be able to mount any Pokemon - or anything for that matter (this is to prevent bypassing the movement restriction). Staff members will have 15 seconds to enter the password that is set for them in the plugin’s config by typing in chat. If they enter it incorrectly, the plugin will tell them “incorrect”. If they enter it correctly, the plugin will not kick them from the server and return the permissions/permission group(s) to that staff member (also set in the config).

If the player relogs during the authentication process at all, they will be completely locked out until manually fixed by a staff member with console access, running a command /staffunlock (this command only works from console).

Category: Admin Tools

Published on Mar 1, 2021




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