Pixelmon simplified server-sided PokeRadar-like system

Initial Release! I tested nearly everything in this plugin, so I’m very confident there will be little to no issues using it.

(I did not test the searching for shinies, bosses, and Totems (in the Generations version) because I just didn’t feel like waiting forever for one of those to spawn naturally)

This plugin aims to add a simple version of a PokeRadar-like system to Pixelmon servers in the form of a server-sided plugin.

Players can create searches for specific Pokemon or specified types (boss, shiny, Totem) of Pokemon and when a Pokemon fitting the description of what the player is searching for spawns, it will notify the player!

Server owners can configure settings to better control what can be searched for, how often, and how much it costs to start a search in the settings.conf file.

For commands and permissions, please see the support channel of my Discord.

For bug reports, please post those in the discussion channel of my Discord.


(Typing and uploading this from my phone so don’t wanna have to type all that out XD)


P.S. This plugin works off of the PlayerPokemonSpawnEvent - meaning Pokemon that players are searching for will only be listened to by the plugin if the Pokemon is spawned by Pixelmon’s code for that player (Player Bob searching for Magikarp won’t be notified if a Magikarp is spawned because of player Jerry basically) unless I completely don’t understand how that event works. I test these plugins on my test server where I am the only player so unsure but that is how it is supposed to and intended to work. :P

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Published on Oct 5, 2020




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