100% overhaul on Legendary spawning. Get in control of what spawns on your server.

For Pixelmon Generations

(Pixelmon Reforged support has been dropped due to too many issues caused by their unstable and broken code. I apologize to users of Pixelmon Reforged, both for using such a broken mod and for any inconvenience my ceasing support has caused. Versions of Legendary Generator may or may not (subject to change) be available in my Discord.)

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LegendaryGenerator, shortly said. Just overrides the regular Pixelmon spawning of Legendaries in all ways.

By blocking the Legendary Pokémon that get spawned by the mod itself.

While it blocks the “false” spawns, LG (LegendaryGenerator) is able to stay in control about the spawning of Legendaries at all times.

The plugin is also filled with rich features like:

  • Setting different Biomes for Legendaries to spawn.
  • Setting requirements like time of day, weather or party Pokémon.
  • Ignore AFK players when attempting to spawn a Legendary.
  • Don’t spawn a Legendary at the same player twice in a row.
  • Don’t spawn the same Legendary twice in the row.
  • Spawn the Legendary as glowing so it can be seen through blocks
  • A 100% fail rate when only 1 player is online.
  • Customizable broadcasts with additional permissions and features! And much much more!

More commands and more information can be found in my Discord. Too much to type here, lol.

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Published on Jul 25, 2020




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