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rojo8399 released this version on Nov 24, 2017

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What’s new in version 4.3:

This is a relatively small update, including unfinished features from 4.2 as well as bug fixes and changes made to make things more efficient.

  • Added @Requires annotation. This annotation can be attached to a placeholder method to specify version range required of SpongeAPI or a plugin. This is still quite experimental and I recommend AGAINST using it until a future update rolls out as I am still unsure of some things about this. Due to the nature of the annotation, there is no existing documentation for it yet. Sorry.
  • Fixed config resetting the value of enabled on a placeholder when reloading. Placeholders now properly preserve enabled states through restarts.
  • Server uptime config saving should no longer affect other config values as well.
  • Economy placeholder will no longer disable itself if it does not detect an economy plugin. This should resolve load order issues as well as other enable/disable and config issues. The placeholder will now simply spit out an error if there is no economy plugin installed. This will also make diagnosing issues a bit easier.
  • Fixed a NPE in the loading functions if the config has issues loading. This seems to be a spot issue with Configurate that should not really happen but I will continue looking into it if it persists.

This is a pretty small update but should fix a lot of issues that have recently surfaced. Sorry for the inconvenience.

*I have yet to update the wiki page. Please be patient as I do not have much time due to real life involvement.

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