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rojo8399 released this version on May 16, 2017

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What’s new in version 3.11:

  • bStats support.
  • Improved info command to allow more than 20 placeholders (by adding a clickable button).
  • Actually made the reload command reload things properly, such as reloading all placeholders.
  • Fixed %player_max_air% and %player_remaining_air% to reflect true minecraft values.
  • Put the statistics expansion into it’s own configuration section.
  • New messages for the plugin have been added and will be generated after one server restart.
  • Fixed the gradle group to be me.rojo8399.placeholderapi from me.rojo8399. This likely won’t change anything until a proper maven repo can be deployed so this is more of a formality note.
  • Minor fixes.
  • API changes (non-breaking and non-urgent):
    • Added two new default methods to Expansion:
      • onValueRequest(Player, Optional<String>)
        • This returns an Object type which reflects the type of output. For example, %player% will return a String while %player_ping% will return an Integer. This is useful for direct type comparisons and lets you easily see true values of returned placeholders. This can return null.
      • onValueRequest(Player, Optional<String>, Class<T>)
        • This returns the generic type <T> specified by the Class<T> parameter passed into the method. This takes the output of the previous method and attempts to cast it to the desired type. If the type provided is null this will fail hard, but if it is not but the cast fails or something else goes wrong, the optional returned will be empty.

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