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Hi, this is my first Sponge plugin, this prevent players join with some mods you don’t like

Sponge post:


Manage Commands

  • “modbanner.bypass” - By pass permisison users with this permission will not be kicked while using banned mods
  • modbanner.command.add - /modbanner add (Add mod to blacklist) (Names dont need be the same, you can use ray to block: [xxray, ExtremRaYXXD] etc)
  • modbanner.command.remove - /modbanner remove (Remove mod from blacklist)
  • modbanner.command.list - /modbanner list (See all blacklisted mods)
  • modbanner.command.manage - /modbanner (add/remove/list)

Reload Commands

  • modbanner.command.reload - /modbanner reload (Reload configuration/banned mods (Not needed if you add mods through command))

Info Commands

  • modbanner.command.modinfo.player - /modinfo player (See all mods player use)
  • modbanner.command.modinfo.mod - /modinfo mod (See all players who used that mod)


Currently Working for 1.10.2 (API 5.1.0):


You only need to change the configuration for kick message, for add/remove see commands up! For kick message you can use %mods% for display the banned mods player is using (/modbanner reload for apply changes)


Report issues here:


What is ModBanner:

  • A plugin that kick players who use banned mod based on the connection information they send

What isn’t ModBanner

  • A plugin to prevent completly any plugin

This plugin collect information from the handshake package that client sends, users can modify their handshake or modnames, and you can do nothing about it…


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Category: Protection

Published on Nov 30, 2017


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Licensed under MIT