The classic portal plugin, ported to Sponge.


Stargate currently uses the same config.yml as its Bukkit incarnation.

portal-folder - The folder your portal databases are saved in
gate-folder - The folder containing your .gate files
default-gate-network - The default gate network
destroyexplosion - Whether to destroy a stargate with explosions, or stop an explosion if it contains a gates controls.
useiconomy - Whether or not to enable economy integration. This will get replaced with useeconomy soon.
createcost - The cost to create a stargate
destroycost - The cost to destroy a stargate (Can be negative for a “refund”)
usecost - The cost to use a stargate
chargefreedestination - Enable to allow free travel from any gate to a free gate
freegatesgreen - Enable to make gates that won’t cost the player money show up as green
toowner - Whether the money from usecost goes to the owner or nobody
maxgates - If non-zero will define the maximum amount of gates allowed in a network.
lang - The language to use (Included languages: en, de, fr, hu, it, nl, pt-br, ru)
ignoreEntrance - Set this option to true to not check the entrance of a gate on startup. Enable this when changing a gates open material.
handleVehicles - Whether or not to handle non-player entities going through gates. If false, they can’t go through.
sortLists - If true, network lists will be sorted alphabetically.
signColor: This allows you to specify the color of the gate signs.
debug - Whether to show a lot of debug output
permdebug - Whether to show an incredible amount of permission debug output

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Published on Jul 3, 2017




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Licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

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