A little game to be played in chat.


This is a little game that is played in chat. A bit of JSON text is shown to all players every so often, with some hover text. The first person to correctly type the hover text wins, and it is shown in chat who won and how long it took.

If the server is not currently running (for example: a singleplayer world that is not open to LAN), this plugin is not active.


/wins [player]: Gets the number of times player has won. /sponge plugins reload: Reloads the config and resets the game.


There are three Text blocks, text{}, prefix{}, and suffix{}. prefix{} and suffix{} go before and after text respectively when creating the message, and only text{} has the hover text on it. prefix{} and suffix{} are also optional.

There is also the words[] block. words[] is a list of things to put on the hover text. Which one to use is chosen randomly each time. Each entry in words[] does not have to be a single word, and can be multiple words. Note that any word using any characters other than letters must have quotes around it.

delay is the number of seconds between new words being selected. It is also the delay after starting or reloading before a new game is selected.

If max-delay is greater than delay, the delay will instead be a random number between delay and max-delay.

min-players is the number of players that is required for the game to start. Set to 0 to disable.

The rewards{} block handles extra handling when someone wins. Inside rewards{}, there is commands[], which is a list of commands that will get run. If a command starts with *, it will be run by the console; otherwise, it will be run by the player who won. In all commands, $winner will get replaced by the name of the player who won. Also in rewards{} is economy{}, which has two keys, currency and amount. currency is the name of the currency to use, as defined by the economy plugin. All economy plugins have a default currency, so this is optional. reward is the amount of money to award the player with.


This plugin uses bStats, which can collect data about your server. This data is in no way intrusive, is completely anonymized, and has a negligible impact on server performance, so there is no reason whatsoever not to enable it. Knowing my plugins are actively used is what keeps me developing. Please consider enabling metrics globally or for this plugin specifically in the metrics section in global.conf. A list of collected data can be found here.


1.0.0: If you hover over the version number, it’ll tell you.

1.1.0: Added support for rewards.

1.2.0: Added a minimum players count, and fixed configs not version checking.

1.2.1: Fixed rewards being applied on every chat message.

1.2.2: Fixed the config not generating properly.

1.2.3: Fixed a bug where the config would not load unless words[] was edited.

1.2.4: Fixed min-players acting like a maximum

1.3.0: Updated to API 7, added random intervals and win counter

1.3.1: Updated bStats


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Published on Jan 1, 2017




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