It’s emoji, in Minecraft. Not sure how else to explain it. Type :emojiname: in chat and it’ll get replaced with an emoji.


If your server uses a custom resource pack, you’ll need to merge it with the one hosted on GitHub, and then set it under resource-pack in the config. Otherwise, leave it blank. If your server’s resource pack is already being set by something else, e.g. or a plugin, set send-pack to false to not force the pack on login.

Custom emoji names can be placed in the JSON files, and new JSON files can be created; follow the examples of the ones provided.

If you set enable-permissions to true, then you will need mcmoji.emoji.<emojiname> to use that emoji. Note that only the aliases in filenames.json can be used in the permission.

If pack-fetch-kind is dynamic, the resource pack will be updated whenever I update it. If it’s static, it will always stay the same for the version of MCMoji you’ve downloaded. Balance automatic updates with guaranteed stability, your choice.

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Published on May 17, 2019




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