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Allows you to display your item in chat


ItemChat is a Sponge plugin which allows you to display your currently-held item in chat.

To use, simply write {item} as part of any chat message. It will be replaced with the name of the item you are holding, and if users hover over it, they can see the full item tooltip. If the item has a custom display name, it will be shown in chat instead of the item type.

If you want to use a different slot than your hand, simply type $num after item, where num is the slot number. For instance, I could write {item $3} to get the third hotbar slot.

You can also display items that don’t actually exist! Simply write the NBT tag after item, as you would in a /give command. For example, {item {id:"minecraft:redstone",display:{Name:"Weird Dust"}}} would display redstone with a custom name of Weird Dust. Nonexistent items are colored differently from regular items.

If your nonexistent item NBT is too long to type in chat, you can write it in a book. Add #! after item to pull the NBT from the book you’re holding. You can also write a slot number after #! if you want, to use a book from that hotbar slot. For example, {item #!3} would pull NBT from a book in hotbar slot 3.

You can also assign custom text to it. For instance, if I were to type {item Apple}, it would output [Apple] regardless of what the actual item name is. However, it will be colored differently, so users without F3+H on will be able to tell the difference. This custom name goes after slot numbers and before NBT tags.

As a bonus, not only does the tooltip appear to each player in their native language, but so does the item name in chat if custom text isn’t used and the item doesn’t have a custom display name.

If you are not holding anything, or the $ slot number does not contain anything, or the #! slot number does not contain a book, then the {item} message will just appear normally.


1.0.0: Initial release.
1.1.0: Added hotbar slots, NBT, and books.
1.2.0: Added a permission for NBT.
1.2.1: Fixed a bug with NBT and data values.

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Published on Jun 09, 2017


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Licensed under MIT