Configurable Slot Machines for Sponge!


SlotMachines is a configurable slot machine system for Sponge.


  • A fully configurable reel system.
  • Configurable reward output.
  • Configurable machine tiers.


Creating a Slot Machine

The following image shows a simple SlotMachine setup.

Slot Machine Image

The base block, in this case iron, refers to the tier of the slot machine. The top left sign must be blank, and the top right sign must contain the price to use the machine on the first line.

Once this structure has been created, pressing the button will setup the machine. Further presses of the button will run it.

Players need the permission slots.create to create the machines.

Admin Machine

To create an admin Slot Machine, put ‘ADMIN’ on the second line of the left sign. These machines have unlimited money.

Players need the permission slots.create.admin to create these machines.


Slot Machines keep saying they’re out of money? How do I fill them up?

Slot machines use the balance of the person who created it. They must have atleast enough money for the maximum payout of the machine.

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Published on Jan 9, 2017




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