Dynamic & per-player server list icons for Sponge!

Advanced Server List Icons

Advanced Server List Icons is a plugin that allows you to customize the icon shown to players in the server list per-player, in a way that allows extreme variety.


To install the plugin, put the jar file and a permissions plugin of your choice into your servers mods directory. Once this has been done, start and stop the server to generate necessary configuration files and folders.

Once this has been done, navigate to the AdvancedServerListIcons folder inside the config directory, and open the advancedserverlisticons.conf file.

Setup the database fields to ensure it can access a database, and then move down to the definitions section.

Assigning Definitions

Definitions are applied to players based on priority. The definition that the player has access to with the highest priority is what their server list icon will be created from.

Currently the only criteria is permission nodes, which can be left out to make it available for all.

The type option can either be OVERLAY or UNDERLAY, placing the head icon above the image, and below respectively.

The images list will only read the first image for OVERLAY and UNDERLAY, and it will read them from the images folder inside the AdvancedServerListIcons folder. The images must be a PNG file of 64x64 pixels.


I assigned a permission node and it didn’t change straight away! How do I fix it?

Icons are cached for 5 minutes to lessen the strain on server hardware.

I changed my skin and it still shows the old one!

Skins are cached for 24 hours to lessen the strain on server hardware.

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Published on Jan 22, 2017




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