leelawd93 / MMCRestrict

A simple item restriction plugin


This plugin is a simple to use item restriction plugin with easy item management and item permission nodes.




API 5-6: https://ore.spongepowered.org/leelawd93/MMCRestrict/versions/1.4.2-API5

API 7: https://ore.spongepowered.org/leelawd93/MMCRestrict/versions/1.4.3


  • Add items by either using your hand or from a chest
  • Permission’s to allow certain users to bypass restriction
  • Optional world ban cleanup Async scheduler - Searches loaded chunks every 5 minutes for any world banned blocks.
  • Search command to search for any block in all loaded chunks
  • Transferable banneditems.conf file for use in any server

Adding items from a chest

  1. Place items to be banned inside a vanilla chest.
  2. Equip flint in main hand and shift-right click.
  3. check /banneditems to make sure items have been added.
  4. Chest can now be removed if not required.


  • Items that are already banned will be skipped during chest inspection, So you can use a chest for visual representation in a safe place.
  • Double chests will require you to shift-right click both sides to get all items.



  • /Restrict add - Add an item to the list from your hand
  • /Restrict remove (itemID)
  • /Restrict edit (itemID) (option) (value)
  • /Restrict search (itemID)
  • /Restrict whatsthis - Tells you the itemID of the item in hand
  • /Banneditems - List all items on the ban list, Players with edit perms can use this to edit item values
  • /Restrict sendtochest (itemID) - Searches all currently loaded chunks for the itemID and places a chest at the blocks location with the block inside.


This plugin uses bStats to anonymously collect usage data.

You can disable this by going to config/bstats/config.conf.

All collected stats can be found here: https://bstats.org/plugin/sponge/MMCRestrict


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Published on Apr 14, 2017


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