A simple and easy to use custom prefix manager


A simple and easy to use custom prefix plugin This is not a full prefix manager and is intended to be a perk / feature.

This allows anyone with the correct permissions to set their own chat prefix You will still require a chat manager and permissions system to handle this as this changes the specified player’s prefix option within the permissions files

I personally suggest Nucleus and LuckPerms





  • Allow users to choose from preset prefix’s using /prefixlist
  • Set a custom prefix for yourself or another player
  • Delete a custom prefix for yourself or another player
  • Prefix blacklist to prevent certain key words being used
  • Option to limit the amount of characters used in the prefix (Default 10)
  • Option to change the format surrounding the prefix (Can make this blank if your Chat Manager is formatted)

Permissions / Commands

  • /Setprefix (prefix) [name] - mmcprefix.prefix.set.self - mmcprefix.prefix.set.others
  • /Delprefix [name] - mmcprefix.prefix.delete.self - mmcprefix.prefix.delete.others
  • /Prefixlist - mmcprefix.prefix.list
  • mmcprefix.list.### - for use with /prefixlist, set within config
  • mmcprefix.bypass.cooldown
  • mmcprefix.prefix.protected - so other people are unable to change your prefix

Need to work on

Permission node to format prefix with colours etc


This plugin uses bStats to anonymously collect usage data.

You can disable this by going to config/bstats/config.conf.

All collected stats can be found here: https://bstats.org/plugin/sponge/mmcprefix


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Published on Jan 23, 2017




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