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A plugin to aid in the creation and management of support tickets

HelpMe Advanced



Frequently server administrators and moderators struggle to keep up with all the help requests they get. “My house has been griefed!”, “I accidentally threw away all my diamonds!”. Well let’s fix this once and for all with a plugin. This plugin operates on the idea that every issue is a ticket. Admins can then have correspondences on the ticket and change the status when needed. This plugin is used heavily on my own server and I hope it helps you!


A player will issue the /helpme and administrators will be notified of the ticket and the corresponding ID number. Further correspondences, teleports, etc happen based on that ticket.


  • /helpme - Sends a new help ticket with provided message (message required)
  • /helpme list - Admins use this to list non-closed tickets
  • /helpme view - Admins use this to view status and messages associated with ticket
  • /helpme goto - Admins use this to teleport to location where ticket was created
  • /helpme status - Admins use this to set the status of a ticket to: ‘Open’, ‘Needs More Info’
  • /helpme message - Used to add more messages to an existing ticket
  • /helpme close - Admins use this to set the status of the ticket to ‘Closed’


  • helpme.admin - Anyone with this permission will get the ticket alerts
  • helpme.command.use - Required to use /helpme
  • helpme.command.list - Required to use /helpme list
  • helpme.command.view - Required to use /helpme view
  • helpme.command.goto - Required to use /helpme goto
  • helpme.command.status - Required to use /helpme status
  • helpme.command.message - Required to use /helpme message
  • helpme.command.close - Required to use /helpme close

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Published on Apr 29, 2018


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