Gives plugin access to the pixelmon overlay, and provides some useful features like broadcasts and such.


This plugin lets you send preconfigurated announcements through the Pixelmon’s Notice Overlay (topbar).

PlaceholderAPI is supported but optional. However, you won’t be able to retrieve any information without it, not even the player’s name.


  1. Launch the server with the plugin.
  2. Modify the messages in /config/pixeloverlaybroadcaster.conf according to the these values.
  3. ???
  4. Profit.


broadcastInterval (defaults to 300 seconds) sets the interval after which the announcement will change.

silenceInterval (defaults to 300 seconds) sets the time to wait between two announcements. Set to 0 to disable.

announcements contains the ordered list of all the (guess what?) announcements. They will be shown according to their position in the list.

layoutLEFT_AND_RIGHT, LEFT or RIGHT.Specifies the position of the sprite.
linesList of strings.Sets the lines to be shown to the player. Formatting codes and placeholders are supported.
durationDecimal number. Example 20How long this announcement will last for. If not present, broadcastInterval will be used instead.
typePokemonSprite, Pokemon3D, ItemStackSpecifies the type of the sprite, read below for more info.
specPokémon’s spec. Example: pikachu sRequired by PokemonSprite and Pokemon3D, specifies the pokémon’s info.
itemStackThe ItemStack.Required by ItemStack, specifies the itemstack.


I fixed a lot of stuff, but also implemented new bugs😅. There are some problems with the colors of the window, I’ll fix them for Pixelmon 7.0.4. However, you can now use any kind of item and pokémon, as long as the client knows how to render them, and scale has been removed, you can change their size through the growth’s pokémon spec, like gr:giant to make them bigger, and gr:microscopic to make them smaller.

You can use the character & to style your lines with colors and formattings, while to use the character & normally you have to escape it by placing \\ before. For example, &1Pikachu \\& Solgaleo will print a blue (&1) string saying Pikachu & Solgaleo.


I split the plugin to api and implementation, and now other plugins can use the Pixelmon Notice Overlay to show off messages and custom announcements.


OverlayService service = Sponge.getServiceManager().provideUnchecked(OverlayService.class);

Overlay overlay = service.create([...]);;

This might seem confusing, I’ll update the thread with the link to the docs as soon as I finish writing them.



Thanks to GT86 for sponsoring this plugin.

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Published on Feb 25, 2019




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