Sponge Auction

This plugin is a global auction plugin that only allows 1 user to auction a item at a time. It also does not spam the chat because everything happens in the ActionBar. The plugin can be customised to take a fee from the total amount (doesn’t take fee by default), timer can be configured and a minimum starting price can be set. The item name is displayed in the auction and the item can be seen in an GUI (/auc show)


Use /auc or /auction

  • /auc start <price> start a auction with the item in hand (permission: auction.start)
  • /auc cancel cancel your auction (permission: auction.cancel)
  • /auc show show in a inventory the current item (permission:
  • /bid [price] bid on a item if no price is supplied adds 100 to current bid (permission:


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Category: Gameplay

Published on Jan 23, 2018




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