A plugin that adds placable blocks that turn into pre-made structures

Structure Boxes

Structure boxes is a plugin that adds structure boxes: items that turn into a structure saved with WorldEdit when placed. These structure boxes can then be sold to your players, included in kits, etc…


All structure box items are by default a chest with a custom display name and lore that contains the related schematic ID as well as a usage instruction


  • Create structure boxes that pastes a WorldEdit schematic when it is placed
  • Restrict structure boxes with permissions (see permissions below)
  • Compatible with anti-griefing plugins listed under supported plugins
  • Deny structure placement if it intersects with regions where player placing structure box is not allowed to build
  • Restrict placement of structures to regions only
  • Exceptions are configurable
  • Convert from a similar plugin (such as Structure in a box)


  • WorldEdit (Sponge version)

Notice regarding FAWE:

It is strongly advised against using FastAsyncWorldEdit (FAWE) with this plugin on 1.13 and above due to critical bugs in the FAWE API that may break key functions in this plugin

Supported plugins:


Region providers:

  • RedProtect
  • EagleFactions
  • GriefPrevention
  • UniverseGuard
  • PlotSquared

How to use:

Copy the structure you want to add with WorldEdit. Copy from a position outside of the center of the structure with //copy Save the structure with //schem save Create a structure box with /sb create


  • /structurebox create <schematic ID> - Creates a structure box with a valid schematic ID
  • /structurebox undo - Undoes the last placed structure
  • /structurebox reload - Reloads this plugin


  • structureboxes.create - Allows players to create structure boxes (default: operator)

  • structureboxes.undo - Allows players to undo placed structure boxes (default: everyone)

  • structureboxes.reload - Allows players to reload this plugin (default: operator)

  • structureboxes.place.<schematic ID> - Allows players to place structure boxes with the given schematic ID if config option Require permission per structure box is set to true (default: operator)

  • structureboxes.bypassregionrestricion - Allows players to bypass restriction of structure box placement within regions if region restriction is enabled

  • structureboxes.update - Allows players to receive a message on join when a new update is available

Video tutorial:

Metrics collection:

This plugin uses bStats to gather anonymous data about the server, which helps the developer in improving the plugin. You can disable this by setting Metrics to false in StructureBoxes/config.yml for the plugin or setting enabled to false in bStats/config.yml for the entire server




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Structure Boxes is licenced under GNU General Public Licence v3

Category: Miscellaneous

Published on Jan 1, 2020




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