Nucleus Gluon

If you’re running Nucleus and PlaceholderAPI, this allows you to use PlaceholderAPI placeholders in Nucleus, and Nucleus placeholders in PlaceholderAPI.

This is a utility plugin. There is no need to install this if you don’t use PlaceholderAPI or Nucleus, or if you have no plans to use the integration.

Using PlaceholderAPI placeholders in Nucleus.

Anywhere you use tokens (like {{name}}) in Nucleus, you can use a PlaceholderAPI token. The delimiter for a PlaceholderAPI token is {%[token]%}, NOT % %. So, to use the %player% token from PlaceholderAPI in Nucleus, you would use {%player%} instead.

Using Nucleus tokens in PlaceholderAPI

To use a Nucleus token in PlaceholderAPI enabled texts, simply prefix the Nucleus token name with nucleus_. So, this means that for {{displayname}} in Nucleus, you would use %nucleus_displayname% in PlaceholderAPI. You can also access other plugin tokens from Nucleus in the API, the form would be %nucleus_pl:pluginid:id%.

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Published on Feb 19, 2017




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