Custom World Generator for Sponge


Expanse is a custom world generation plugin created. It contains several new generation types, including OreWorld and a Modified Void would that retains extra features like Fortresses.

  • As a general note, due to a bug in the latest version of Sponge, this currently only works on the recommended version until a component of Sponge is updated.

This plugin introduces 6 new world generation types for worlds to use.

Ore WorldReplaces all World Generation with Oreexpanse:oreworld
Water WorldReplaces all World Generation with Deep Ocean Biomesexpanse:waterworld
Stone WorldReplaces all World Generation with Andesiteexpanse:stoneworld
Void OverworldCreates a void Overworld that retains Biomesexpanse:voidoverworld
Void NetherCreates a void Nether that retains Biomes and Structuresexpanse:voidhell
Void EndCreates a void End that retains Biomesexpanse:voidend

Any requests for new worlds can be posted using the ‘Issues Tab’

Category: World Management

Published on May 30, 2019




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Licensed under MIT

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