[ClearLagg Port] [API 5/6/7] [Vanilla/Modded]


MC Version 1.10.2/1.12 Sponge API 5.0.0/6.0.0/7.0.0

Able to automatically or manually clear all entities on the list in config.

Has a passive mode that runs the clear in intervals (Asynchronously), which can be disabled or set to different intervals. Also has a customizable warning message that can be enabled to run a minute before passive mode clears entities.

Added Passive Group Killer. Checks if groups of animals are larger than 5 in a 20 block radius, leaving 5.

Crash Chunk Load Clearing (Disabled by default for obvious reasons) New Feature added in 1.0.4. Used to help try and remove an entity causing the server to crash. Using the LoadChunkEvent, it will make a list of all entities in the chunk when it loads and clears them. This ignores the list altogether For modded Minecraft, this means it can clear Thaumcraft Auranodes and Botania Sparks (To name a few) Should only be used when server is whitelisted as it will run for every chunk loaded.



  • Added Wildcards to lists, now supports “minecraft:*” or mods like “appliedenergistics2:*”


  • Bugfixes


  • Added additional Null Check to check the config loads successfully.


  • Added New Feature: Update Checker
  • Bugfixes

Adds: Update Checker

  • Runs a check on startup to check the version of ClearMob on Ore and compares to self.
  • Any user with ‘clearmob.admin’ will get a notification in game upon login.


  • Fixed Item’s not being cleared when clearer gets run.

2.1.2 - Beta Release

  • Added New Feature: Mob Compression
  • Adds New Options to Config.
  • Bugfixes

Adds: “compressEntities”: { “mobs”: false, “animals”: false, “enabled”: false }

Note Animals are not currently supported.

Note Feature will compress mobs of similar type together and will display the count above the entity. Killing the entity will reduce the number by 1.


Added features: Item BlackList. Items added to this list will not be removed when KillDrops is enabled.

Nametag check Entities Labeled with a Nametag do not get removed.

Bugfixes Fixed AnimalGroups throwing NPE.

Changes Added several comments to config (Will automatically apply to old configs)


  • Bug Fixes


  • New Command, clearmob unloadchunks - Unloads unnecessary chunks.
  • New Message for when Entities are cleared (Customizable)
  • Code Cleanup

1.3.1 -NPE Fix from version 1.3.0 Removed ListType (Will always remove whats on the list) Added Info Command. Added features to run command. Fixed Colored messages.

  • Further Explanation on Command Reference.

1.2.0 Added Hostile Entity Limiter Various Bug Fixes.

1.1.0 Huge rewrite. Split a lot of clearers into their own classes. Added more null checks.

1.0.6 Added Passive Group killing. (Removes Animals when groups)

1.0.5 Added Support for Tile Entities (Like torcherino) Changed dump and run commands. Updated passive mode for new change to run command. (Passive mode does not support tile entities)

1.0.4 Added Features: clearmob tps command. clearmob reload command Restructure of config (Done automatically) Added CrashChunkClear mode (Removes entities on chunk load, disabled by default) Added Warning message for passive mode Added Killallmobs and Killdrops options. (Higher priotity than defined list)


  • An ‘add’ command, to add entities to the config without having to manually edit it.

Category: Admin Tools

Published on Feb 16, 2017


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Licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL)

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