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Minecraft WebGL Map.

WebGL Map

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WebGL Map (GLM) is a Minecraft server plugin which allows you to view minecraft server worlds from a web browser. GLM is broken up into two applications, the server side plugin (this) and the client side project, located here. The server endpoint (this plugin) distributes JSON information to clients which requested the information via a WebSocket protocol connection. This plugin disseminates information including but not limited to server information, this plugins settings, player information, and world data / chunk information.

External Connections / Metrics

  • This plugin features a web server, which uses a WebSocket connection to allow ‘clients’ to retrieve information.
  • Gather and stores world chunk information for later retrieval.


  • View multiple worlds.
  • View multiple server from one client connection.
  • Respect each world’s world border.
  • Config options for the client.
  • Client texture pack customization.
  • SSL capable.

Commands and permissions

/glm urlGets the url of the GLM mapglm.commands.url
/glm createCreates chunks and attempts to add them to the cache. Please note that this command could crash the server if you attempt to create too many chunks.glm.commands.create
/glm purgePurges chunks from the cacheglm.commands.purge
/glm toggleToggles a players visibility on the web map. Gives the permission
/glm debugGets debug information for the GLM pluginglm.commands.debug
/glm versionGet the current version of the GLM pluginglm.commands.version

Quick Installation / Setup

Note: If you need help with any of the steps below please hop onto the GLM discord and ask for help!
Note: An advanced configuration and installation guide will be provided on the individual project wikis here and here.

Installing the server side plugin

  • Drag and drop this plugin into the mods directory.
  • Initialize the plugin configuration file by starting then stopping the server.
  • Finish up by configuring the plugin to your needs.
    • The configuration file comments are still be a bit lacking at this point. Please ask for help if you do not know what a specific section does.

Installing / Setting up the client side web project

Download pre-built

  • Navigate to the glm-client project releases here and download the pre-compiled files.
  • Add the files to a web server like apache, IIS, or NGIX.

Build form source

Note: In order to build the project glm-client you will need to have git and Node.js installed. The applications might also need to be on the system path.

  • Clone the glm-client project here and run the build.bat or file.
  • Copy the resulting files from the release folder to a web server like apache, IIS, or NGIX.

Planned features

  • Add top down 3D support.
  • Add texture support for blocks.
  • Add the ability to see players on the map.

Known issues

  • When using the generateWorld config option, it can lead to phase tracker errors in the console.

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Published on Sep 2, 2018


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