A simple Minecraft experience control plugin.

NoExp - Prevent Players from gaining Experience

The Idea

The idea behind NoExp is simple, in vanilla Minecraft, players can gain experience points through a variety of actions such as killing mobs, fishing, or mining ores. The aim of NoExp is to restrict which of these actions produce experience. It does this through the use of a simple config file located at ~/mods/config/NoExp.conf. The default config is shown below:

# Entites within this map will be monitored by NoExp If their id is set to false then they won't drop exp orbs when bred or killed
entityMap {
# Whether exp bottles should produce exp orbs Default:true
expBottle = true
# Whether fishing should produce exp orbs Default:true
fishing = true
# Whether smelting should produce exp orbs Default:true
smelting = true
# Whether disenchanting should produce exp orbs Default:true
disenchanting = true
# Whether trading should produce exp orbs Default:true
trading = true
# Whether mining blocks should produce exp orbs Default:true
mining = true

By setting the node for the corresponding action to false, the action will no long produce experience points.

Planned Features

  • Spliting entity actions into separate breed and kill actions
  • Controlling players dropping experience points when killed
  • Controlling experience drops when mining specific blocks and smelting specific items

Support Me

I will never charge money for the use of my plugins, however they do require a significant amount of work to maintain and update. If you’d like to show your support and buy me a cup of tea sometime (I don’t drink that horrid coffee stuff :P) you can do so here

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Published on Jan 5, 2018




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