A simple plugin to raffle commands.

CommmandRaffle allows you to set up one-time or repeating raffles of a command on your server. Players purchase a configurable amount of tickets to enter the raffle. When the raffle draws a ticket the winning player (if any) will have the command for the raffle executed on their behalf.


  • /raffle - Displays information on the various commands availalbe (Alias: rf)
  • /raffle info - Display plugin version info (Alias: if)
  • /raffle list [Raffle] - Displays all raffles or the participants of [Raffle] (Alias: ls)
  • /raffle me - Displays all raffles you are currently in
  • /raffle draw <Raffle> - Forces <Raffle> to immediately draw a winner (Alias: dr)
  • /raffle cancel <Raffle> - Cancels <Raffle> refunding all bought tickets (Alias: cn)
  • /raffle buy <Raffle> <Amount> - Buys <Amount> of tickets in <Raffle> (Alias: by)
  • /raffle create <Raffle> <Command> <Duration> - Creates a new raffle with name <Raffle> reward command <Command> and duration <Duration> (Alias: cr)


commandraffle.command.helpAllows the player to run /raffle
commandraffle.command.infoAllows the player to run /raffle info
commandraffle.command.listAllows the player to run /raffle list
commandraffle.command.meAllows the player to run /raffle me
commandraffle.command.drawAllows the player to run /raffle draw
commandraffle.command.cancelAllows the player to run /raffle cancel
commandraffle.command.buyAllows the player to run /raffle buy
commandraffle.command.createAllows the player to run /raffle create

Creating Raffles

The /raffle create command has several customization options which are summarized below:

Arguments (Not Optional)

  • <Raffle> - This is the name of the raffle which will be displayed in the raffle listing
  • <Command> - This is the command that will be executed if the raffle has a winner, you do not need to includ the / at the begining of the command. In addition you can use {Winner} inside the command to get the name of the winning player. Ex: give {Winner} diamond 5 In the case that the winner is not currenlty online, execution of the command will be delayed until they are online once again.
  • <Duration> - The amount of time until the raffle is drawn, it is specified in DdHhMmSs format. Ex: 5d4h3m2s Would be 5 days, 4 hours, 3 mins, 2 seconds. Any of the time sections can be ommitted.

Flags (Optional)

  • --repeating - If present this will cause the raffle to reset and repeat once a winner is drawn (Alias: -r)
  • --numtickets <Amount> - The number of tickets in this raffle if different from the default (Alias: -n)
  • --ticketcost <Cost> - The cost of purchasing one ticket in this raffle if different from the default (Alias: -c)
  • --ticketlimit <Limit> - The limit on the number of tickets a player can purchase in the raffle (Alias: -l)
  • --perm <Node> - A permission node players must have in order to enter the raffle (Alias: -p)
  • --desc <Description> - A description of the raffle, supports & color codes. (Alias: -d)

Configuring CommandRaffle

CommandRaffle will generate a config file located at ~/config/commandraffle/commandraffle.conf where the default configuration for raffles and the messages displayed can be configured. The default configuration file is shown below:

# If raffle winner broadcasts should go to all players or just the participants of the raffle (ticket holders)
Messages {
    # If not blank, will broadcast this message to all players when a raffle is created
    CreateBroadcast="&eThe &6{Raffle_Name} &eraffle has been created!"
    # Message sent if a raffle has no winner
    NoWinnerMessage="&eThe &6{Raffle_Name} &eraffle has no winner!"
    # Message sent to announce the winner of a raffle
    WinnerMessage="&eThe winner of the &6{Raffle_Name} &eis &6{Winner}&e!"
# Default Raffle Values
RaffleDefaults {
    # The default number of tickets a raffle should have, default: 100
    # The default cost of tickets in a raffle, default: 10.0

Support Me

I will never charge money for the use of my plugins, however they do require a significant amount of work to maintain and update. If you’d like to show your support and buy me a cup of tea sometime (I don’t drink that horrid coffee stuff :P) you can do so here

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Published on Jan 28, 2018




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