Core Library for CommandSkript Plugins


CommandCore is a library plugin which allows scripts written in CommandSkript to be executed within a Minecraft Server Environment.

In order for skripts to be utilized they should be located within the ~/config/commandcore directory or in a sub-directory contained within it. Skripts should also use the .ck filename extension.


  • /cktest <expression> - Evaluates expression and prints the result, useful for debugging scripts
  • /ckexec <skript> - Executes skript


commandcore.command.cktestAllows the player to run /cktest <expression>
commandcore.command.ckexecAllows the player to run /ckexec <skript>

Note: You can reload skript files at runtime using the /sponge plugins reload command.

Writing Skripts

You can view documentation and examples of skripts on the CommandSkript Wiki

Support Me

I will never charge money for the use of my plugins, however they do require a significant amount of work to maintain and update. If you’d like to show your support and buy me a cup of tea sometime (I don’t drink that horrid coffee stuff :P) you can do so here


This plugin is very much a WIP. The intent is that I will be utilizing it within my CommandBooks and CommandKits plugins to provide greater flexibility when specifying the sequence of commands to be executed. I’d like to get feedback from you all as to the current structure of the language, as well as any features you’d like to see.


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Published on Dec 14, 2017




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