A simple plugin to send messages to players on completing actions


ActionMessage is a simple message sending plugin. When a player completes an action (such as breaking a block) they will receive the corresponding message for that action.

Defining Messages:

All messages are defined in the actionmessage.conf file located in ~/config/actionmessage.conf. Below is a sample config:

messages {
    # Block Messages
    block {
        # Messages sent when a player breaks a block
        break {
            "minecraft:stone"="&9You broke stone!"
            "minecraft:stone[variant=andesite]"="&4You broke andesite specifically!"
        # Messages sent when a player interacts with a block
        interact {
            # Mesages sent when a player primary interacts (left-clicks) a block
            primary {
                "minecraft:dirt"="&9You primary clicked on dirt!"
            # Messages sent when a player secondary interacts (right-clicks) a block
            secondary {
                "minecraft:stone"="&9You secondary clicked on stone!"
        # Messages sent when a player places a block
        place {
            "minecraft:dirt"="&9You placed dirt!"

Messages are broken into different types (currently only block actions are supported). For each type there are different actions associated with it. All messages are in the form "<ID>"="<Message>" where <ID> is either a block type ID such as minecraft:stone or a block state ID such as minecraft:stone[variant=andersite] and <Message> is the text you want the player to receive on performing the specified action. Block state IDs take precident, so in the example above if a player were to break andesite he would only receive the andesite specific message and not the generic stone one. Messages also support ampersand format codes.

Note: You can reload messages at runtime using the /sponge plugins reload command.

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Published on Nov 12, 2017




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