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An advanced dungeon generator



Yeregorix released this version on Aug 6, 2018

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Warning! The world generation has completely changed. I highly suggest to backup your old dungeon worlds and create new ones, or just stay with the previous version if you prefer the old generation.

  • Refactor ChunkPopulator, LayerPopulator and RoomPopulator
  • Change few parameters
  • Improve algorithms of few populators
  • Add IronBarsPopulator (iron_bars)
  • Add RedstonePopulator (redstone)
  • Add RiftPopulator (rift)
  • Disable bStats by default
  • Merge all populators in DungeonParentPopulator
  • Refactor ChunkInfo, improve memory usage
  • Make layers count configurable
  • Really improve surface generation
  • Improve oasis and entrances generation
  • Refactor WorldConfig
  • Allow to register custom populators through the API
  • Improve update checking