Automatic pickup for items and experience orbs



AutoPickup is simple plugin that gives items and experience directly to the player instead of dropping them on the ground when a block is broken or an entity is killed. AutoPickup can also disable drops from entities that died naturally without any player interaction such as a zombie burning when the sun rise up.


AutoPickup generates a configuration for each world. These configurations might be modified to enable or disable specific mechanics for blocks or entities. Configuration files can be found in the config/autopickup/worlds/ folder, the structure of a file is pretty simple but for more information, open this page: Configuration.


Once you configured the plugin, you might want to give these permissions to your players:

autopickup.entity.experienceAllows to automatically pickup experience orbs when an entity is killed.
autopickup.entity.itemAllows to automatically pickup items when an entity is killed.
autopickup.block.experienceAllows to automatically pickup experience orbs when a block is broken.
autopickup.block.itemAllows to automatically pickup items when a block is broken.


AutoPickup automatically connects to the Ore repository to check for updates. By default, the console and all players having the permission autopickup.update.notify will be notified when an update is available but it can be disabled by editing the following configuration file: config/autopickup/global.conf.

Statistics (removed in 1.0.3)

AutoPickup can use bStats to collect anonymous statistics, this is disabled by default but it can be enabled by editing the following file: config/sponge/global.conf. Here is a list of all currently tracked informations:

  • The count of servers using my plugin
  • The count of players on these servers
  • Online mode
  • Minecraft version
  • Plugin version
  • Core count
  • System arch
  • Operating system
  • Server country
  • Java version

Todo list

  • Add blocks and entities blacklists

Category: Gameplay

Published on Aug 15, 2018


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Licensed under MIT

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