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Extract and Compress ZIP, RAR, JAR, PACK, GZ, and XZ archives through minecraft.



TheKraken7 released this version on May 8, 2019

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Release 2.2.0

This update adds support for piping multiple extractions or compressions with a single command. GZip (.gz) is now supported. The arguments -absolute and -override have been changed to use two dashes. They are now --absolute and --override.

Piped Operations

Pipe Demo

In the past, extracting and compressing files had to be done with a single command per file type. Example:

Source File: dir/Test.jar.pack.xz

Destinatiion Folder: dir/output.

If we wanted to extract this file to Test.jar, we would first need to extract it from xz, update the source, and finally extract it from pack.

This can now be done with a single command. With the same source and destinations set, simply run /ze extract --until jar. The operations will be piped together and done in a single command.

How to Use


/ze extract will extract only one format, as it has in the past. /ze extract --all will extract until it reaches a format it cannot handle. /ze extract --until <type> will extract until it reaches or a format it cannot handle.


Compressions will always be automatically piped. The extention difference between the source and dest will be used to identify the desired types. Ex.

Source: dir/Test.jar Dest: dir/Test.jar.pack.xz

Run /ze compress and Test.jar.pack.xz will be generated.

New Features