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TheKraken7 released this version on Dec 6, 2018

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Release 2.1.0 - Added Tab Completion for File Paths

This update adds tab completions for file paths with the setsrc and setdest commands. This functions similarly to tab completion in bash, start typing the file and press tab to traverse the file tree. A new configuration option has been added to allow disabling tab completions. Please update your configs.

Console vs In-Game

Tab completions work perfectly if the path you are tabbing does not include spaces. If the path does include a space, you will need to break the tabbing operation (by adding an extra character) and then resume it (remove the character and tab again).

On Bukkit, spaces are not a problem in the console.

On Sponge, spaces are escaped in the console. You need to remove the escape characters.

Ex. You are trying to get to ./plugins/MyPlugin/ There is another folder called My Folder in the plugins directory. You take the following steps.

  • Type /ze setsrc ./pl and then hit tab.
  • The value /ze setsrc ./plugins/ is autofilled.
  • Continue; /ze setsrc ./plugins/My and hit tab.
  • The value /ze setsrc ./plugins/My Folder is autofilled.
    • If you continue to hit tab in an attempt to have it switch to MyPlugin, the autocompletion will fail. This will confuse minecraft, because a space means that we are now in another argument. It will only update whatever is after the space. For example, the value /ze setsrc ./plugins/My ./plugins/MyPlugins would be autofilled. This is clearly not correct.
    • You would need to manually change it to /ze setsrc ./plugins/MyP and then hit tab to get the desired result.
    • Note If your target file was at ./plugins/My Folder/, you could simply type a / and hit tab. This would work.


Additionally on Sponge, a space is added after you finish a single tab completion. Simply remove the space and tab again to keep going.

Configuration Value

Some servers may not want this tab completion feature for security reasons. A configuration value has been added to disable it. Simply change general_settings.tab_complete_files to false in the configuration.

Other changes

You no longer need to encapsulate file paths with quotes if they contain spaces. The setsrc and setdest commands will now concatenate all subsequent arguments.

Ex. /ze setsrc ./My Cool Directory/WithAlot/of spaces.txt

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