Inspired by MergedMob for Spigot
Commissioned by MaxIsHot @ ArsenalNetwork

What is it?

Have you ever wanted to have a way of easily managing your mobs into one small area automatically? Or perhaps optimise the amount of entities on your server? Well now you can!

Mobpression makes the life of any server owner easy by compressing all of your like-mobs together. Compressed mobs can stack on top of each-other to create a larger compression and you can kill a compressed mob to decrement the amount of mobs left!

How do I use it?

  1. Drop the plugin jar file into your /mods or /plugins folder.
  2. Launch your server and that’s it!

What’s to come in the future?

Currently, the plugin is in a working state, but there are improvements that I plan to make in the future.

  • Allow you to blacklist the compression of certain mobs using a list in the config. (Done!)
  • Add a configurable layout for the name of the compressed mob shown. (Done!)
  • Optimise the way that compressed mobs compress with eachother.
  • Add a management system which will allow you to remove/spawn compressed mobs in the world.


compression-maximum {
    # Having this enabled will only allow mobs to compress to a certain point
compression-minimum {
    # Having this enabled will only compress mobs when there are a certain amount of like-mobs present
general {
    # Turning this on will reverse the blacklist and only allow the mobs you specify to compress
    # Adding a mob into this list will prevent it from being compressed
    # Use this to choose what the name above the head will look like
    display-name="&6&l[&d{compression}x&6&l] &f{name}"

You can reload the configuration with /sponge plugins reload


If you ever need support with regards to our plugin(s), please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on our community Discord server. You can find it here:

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Published on Jul 9, 2019


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