TheBrokenDown / PlayTimeCounter

Counts players' playtime



TheBrokenDown released this version on Jan 31, 2019

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  • Added command /playtime [playerName], displaying playing time of the player.
    • Aliases: /playtimecounter, /ptc
    • Perms: playtimecounter.cmd.playtime.base - Giving access to the command playtimecounter.cmd.playtime.others - Giving access to view other’s playtime
  • Now plugin will count player’s playtime only if he isn’t afk (disabled as default, can be enabled in config file(requires Nucleus))
  • For new players their ‘time played’ is taken from statistic. (btw If countAFKTime = true for players that already exists in database their ‘time played’ will taken from statistic too instead of increment (idk why did i do it so maybe it will be removed)