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  1. Introduction
  2. Features
  3. Installation
  4. Configuration
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AdSky is a way for you, as a Minecraft server owner, to monetize your server. Currently, there are two kinds of ads : Title ads and Chat ads. Advertisers choose the type of ad they want to broadcast on your server, customize it (Title / subtitle, duration, display per day, …), pay it according to the price you set up and voilĂ  !

There are two parts : Server and Plugin.

Server part

The server part is a PHP + MySQL application that you install on your own web server, it is where advertisers will register and broadcast their ads. To see how to install it and the requirements, please check the Installation section of the server branch’s README.

Plugin part

The plugin part is a simple Bukkit / Sponge plugin that is going to link up with the server part. To see how to install it and the requirements, please check the Installation section.


AdSky is built to be lightweight, but it still has a lot of features :

  • Free and open-source.
  • Can be run on almost any server that as PHP + MySQL installed.
  • Everything is configurable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Android application. Coming soon !


To install the server part, please check the Installation section of the server branch’s README.

To install the Sponge plugin, you have to download the JAR and put it inside the mods folder located in your server directory.

Any Sponge version above 7.0.0 (included) should work.

A video tutorial of the Bukkit installation is available here. It really is almost the same thing for Sponge.


The configuration file is config/adsky-sponge.conf. Open it and configure it as you want :

Depth 0Depth 1Description
enableupdaterWhether the updater should be enabled (OreUpdater).
serverurlAdSky’s root URL on your server.
plugin-keyThe key given at the end of the installation. If you don’t remember it, it is available in core/settings/PluginSettings.php.
event-schedulerWhether you have scheduled the MySQL event (downloadable here). If you did not, please turn on this option; then the plugin is going to clear expired ads each day at midnight.
adspreferred-hourThe preferred hour to broadcast ads to players. 24 hours format. For example, if you want 3PM, put 15.
worlds-blacklistAds are not going to be broadcasted in these worlds.
min-hourAds are not going to be broadcasted before this hour.
max-hourAds are not going to be broadcasted after this hour.
distribution-functionHere’s how it works. The h will be replaced by the preferred hour, the n by the number of ads of the day and x by an hour. The function will be evaluated with these parameters with a rounding mode of UP at each hour; first h, then h-1, then h+1, … The process will be repeated while all ads are not scheduled.Another good distribution function could be ((-1/n) * (x-h)^2) + (log(n)/log(10)).

Important : If you cannot see the ads, it means you have the permission adsky.bypass (which is granted to ops by default). If you want to see the ads, please turn off the permission for yourself.


It’s easy to contribute to AdSky ! If you are a developer, first, you have to create a fork and make your changes. Then make a pull request describing what are the improvements.

If you are not a developer, well, you can contribute as well ! Report bugs, problems and improvements in the Issues section. You can also contribute by making a donation.

Anyway, help is greatly appreciated under any form !


If you want to report a bug / suggest an improvement / anything else, do not hesitate to open an issue.

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Published on May 16, 2018




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