WonderTrade is a Pixelmon extension that allows players to trade away their loved ones to strangers in return for a random Pokemon from the WonderTrade pool. This is a complete rewrite that addresses many of the previous design issues to make for a better user (and admin) experience.


  • Both GUI menu and command support
  • Pokemon selection from both party and PC.
  • Confirmation menu prior to trading Pokemon
  • Configurable cooldown for trading (customized through permission options)
  • Entries in the pool also track both the owner and timestamp
  • Ability to view and remove Pokemon in the pool
  • The pool is persistent across restarts (saved to storage file)
  • Console logging of trade activity (will be updated to a persistent file)
  • External messages file for editing and translations


  • wondertrade.command.base: Main command to open the menu
  • wondertrade.command.trade.base: Trades a Pokemon (no confirmation!)
  • wondertrade.command.trade.other: Trades for another player (primarily for console use)
  • wondertrade.command.take.base: Takes a Pokemon from the pool
  • wondertrade.command.pool.base: Views the WonderTrade pool
  • wondertrade.command.pool.take: Ability to take Pokemon from the pool GUI
  • wondertrade.trade.no-cooldown: Bypasses the cooldown
  • wondertrade:cooldown: Permission option (meta) for cooldown time (ms)

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Published on Jul 7, 2018




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