Simon_Flash released this version on Oct 7, 2018

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TeslaCrate v3.0.0-pr4

TeslaCrate v3.0.0-pr4 depends on TeslaPowered v1.1.5.

Note: If you are using physical keys, please beware of issues when interacting with the key - see SpongeAPI#1863, SpongeAPI#1917, SpongeCommon#2013, SpongeVanilla#389, and SpongeForge#2462. In the future, a greater emphasis is going to be put on virtual keys due to the number of issues with physical keys.


  • Refactored component system (again) to better represent and handle functionality
  • New features:
    • Added cooldown keys, money keys, and money prizes
    • Added reward limits for rewards available x-number of times
    • Added automatic reward generation from prizes
    • Added display-item generation for name and lore
    • Added user key menu (gui and text) for viewing keys
    • Added user crate menu (gui and text) for viewing available crates
    • Added confirmation menu when opening crates
    • Added location menu for viewing locations and teleportation
    • Added Chinese translation thanks to f0rb1d (PR#10)
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed issues in the default configuration (whoops!)
    • Fixed references ignoring custom display items
    • Fixed certain commands unnecessarily requiring locations
    • Fixed repetitive key success messages
    • Fixed various issues with interactions (see note above)