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This documentation is in the progress of being moved from GitHub to Ore and updated to v2.1.0. This process is planned to be completed by Tuesday, March 20th. In the meantime, the GitHub wiki is still accurate in most areas, and Configuration remains unchanged. If you need additional support, please post in the #teslacrate channel of my Discord. Thank you!


  • Turn blocks or entities into crates
  • Easy, clear, and reusable configs
  • Gui navigation menus and displays
  • Multiple commands/items in one reward
  • Easy message editing /translation
  • Gui, particle, and sound effects
  • Built-in HuskyCrates converter


TeslaCrate is the shockingly powerful crates plugin designed to provide servers with a battery of customization at their fingertips. Unlike many plugins that are grounded, TeslaCrate has the capacitance to conduct huge reserves of features and is charged with being updated and current to the needs of the community. As such, to keep the spark in the project I ask that you have no resistance in contacting me directly with suggestions. If there’s an ample influx of support and it’s not ohmitted, the suggestion may be relayed to the next circuit of updates. If the series of electricity puns are too re-volt-ing and it hertz, (or you’re confused about something), feel free to connect to the Support Discord above and relay your issues for some enlightening in the #teslacrate channel. Anyways, time to pull the plug on this and find an alternative method to empower TeslaCrate’s features. Enjoy!



“Hey, it works! Watt?” ~ Simon after every build


The TeslaCrate Documentation can be found on Ore. If you need additional help, you can post a message in the #teslacrate channel of my Support Discord. It’s also a great place to suggest features, keep updated with new developments, and just come hang out with the community - see you there!

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There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into making plugins like TeslaCrate, so if you’ve benefited from one of my plugins and appreciate the work I do please take some time and add a donation through PayPal. Thanks for your support!

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Published on Mar 19, 2018


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