Simon_Flash released this version on Jul 31, 2018

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TeslaCrate v3.0.0-pr3

TeslaCrate v3.0.0-pr3 depends on TeslaPowered v1.1.5.

This release implements a majority of the remaining features from v2 and completes the rewrite of v3. From this point forward, the development focus for pre-releases is on feature expansions.

Notice: A minor configuration error exists in the default crates.conf file. Please adjust tesla.display-item.id to be tesla.display-item.type. Apologies for any inconvinience.


  • Add main inventory menu and component menus
  • Add crate preview implementation
  • Add menu command
  • Separated player specific effects from those operating on locations
  • API cleanup and refactoring with references, notably adding deserializeValue
  • Moved component implementations into separate packages
  • Implemented Firework, Particle, Potion, and Sound effects
  • Added serializers for CatalogTypes, Enums, and Colors
  • Added effect triggers which run effects when certain game states occur
  • Added animation paths for particle effects
  • Added runner for particle effects to hook into
  • Added passive effects to crate registrations (only particle effects)
  • Fixed Reference attempting to deserialize a value from inlined components
  • Fixed fireworks causing damage when exploding
  • Changed PotionEffect duration to milliseconds for consistency
  • TypeSense now priorities types registered by TeslaCrate
  • Added Openers for GUIs and future expansions
  • Added runner for particle effects to hook into
  • Removed unnecessary generic type for reference value on Type
  • (Re)added support for Keys in items
  • Standardized the use of specialized nodes for types in the config
  • Updated converters and added converter from v3-pr2
  • Updated default configuration