With great jurassic sea hares comes great responsibility.


AkeraCrates is the all-new supercharged crates plugin brought to you by Simon_Flash, codeHusky, and jurassic sea hares - laugh all you want, but they’re quite tough!


Powered by the FLARD Force, a multidimensional energy that permeates our blocky world, AkeraCrates possibilities are limitless. In order to protect from it’s sheer brilliance, Loki spent four days meditating in his grandmother’s basement dojo learning the ancient secrets AkeraCrates holds within. By studying Rainbow Dash’s Rainbow Boom ability, he learned how to shatter the visible light spectrum in order to dissipate AkeraCrates’ power to allow ordinary humans to gaze upon it’s beauty. Though this skill results in some unfortunate visual errors, we have our best men working to fix this problem - at least, those who haven’t been incinerated yet.


Thanks to Simon_Flash, AkeraCrates comes with a hoard of features so random (but powerful!) it’ll make you think that they were pulled out of a hat. Even though it’s still in beta stages, AkeraCrates already offers the following:

  • FLARDCoin blockchain mining
  • Pore and jQuery support
  • Bedrock Edition integration
  • Downloadable dedodated wam
  • Experimental neural network connections
  • Saves baby pandas


As we’re still scrambling to contain AkeraCrates’ power without causing the inevitable heat death of the universe, we’ve only been able to showcase AkeraCrates in a controlled environment at the cost of many technicians… may you rest in peach Alfred, Richard, John, Sebastian, Harold, Richard II (the fun one), and Stephen Hawking. May Akera be with you.


Category: Miscellaneous

Published on Apr 1, 2018




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