Available Commands

  • ActiveTime: Displays the in-game documentation
  • Check: Checks the time of a user
  • Leaderboard: Displays the leaderboard of most active players
  • Report: Generates an activity report for a player or the server over a period of time


Usage: /activetime]
Aliases: /activetime, /atime
Permission: activetime.base

The base command for ActiveTime. Running this command itself will display the in-game documentation showing the usage for all commands the source has access to.


Usage: /activetime check [user]
-> user (User): Name of the user to check.
Aliases: check, info, time, /ontime, /playtime
Permission: activetime.check.base
-> activetime.check.other: Checks another user’s time

Displays the total time (active and afk) that a user has accumulated on the server, excluding cached time. The user argument may be excluded if you are checking your own time as a user. The permission activetime.check.other must be given to view another user’s time.

Giving your players access to this command will allow them to use /ontime and /playtime, but they will also need activetime.base in order to use aliases that are child commands of /activetime.


Usage: /activetime leaderboard [positions]
-> positions (Integer): The number of positions to display
Aliases: leaderboard, rank, top
Permission: activetime.leaderboard.base

Displays the ActiveTime leaderboard for the most active players on the server. The number of positions shown must be at least one and no greater than the maximum defined in the config. If the positions argument is excluded, the default value as per the config will be used instead.


Usage: /activetime report [-server] [-user] [-from] [-to]
-> -server: Generates a report for the server
-> -user (User): Generates a report for a user
-> -from (Date): The date to start the report (inclusive)
-> -to (Date): The date to end the report (inclusive)
Aliases: report, generatereport
Permission: activetime.report.base

Generates an activity report for the server or specified user. If neither is defined and the source is a User, the report will be generated for the source. Additional options and permissions will be available in v.1.5.0, titled ‘The Report Update’.

Server reports shows the total activity of users as well as the daily, weekly, and monthly averages. Additionally, a list of all users and their activity is displayed in descending order. This report is more intensive than the user report (especially for larger ranges) and should be used sparingly. Performance improvements will be made for v1.5.0.

A user report shows their total activity as well as their daily, weekly, and monthly averages. Additionally, all of their daily, weekly, or monthly times are displayed in chronological order.

The range of times to included is defined by the -from and -to flags, which expect arguments in date (yyyy-mm-dd) format. If excluded, the default values are the start of the month to the current day respectively. The to date may not be after the from date, and the range may not exceed the maximum report length defined in the config.

Warning: This command is not optimized for general use - it is recommended to reserve this for trusted staff.


  • /atime report -user Simon_Flash: Generates a report of Simon_Flash’s activity for the current month
  • /atime report -from 2018-01-01: Generates a report of the source’s activity from January 1, 2018, through today.
  • /atime report -server -from 2018-01-01 -to 2018-02-28: Generates a report of the server’s activity in February 2018.

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Published on Feb 6, 2018




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