A simple plugin for creating a multilanguage Tablist and Scoreboard.


Scoreboard and Tablist for Sponge on version 1.16.5.

LocaleAPI plugin is required.

All text is specified in the locale files.

Reload command - /tbreload. Permission - tablistboard.reload


%player% - player name
%display_name% - player custom name
%ping% - player ping
%player-uuid% - player UUID
%player-level% - player level
%tps% - server tps
%time%- minecraft world time(hour:minute)
%online-players%- current online all players
%staffs-online%- current online staffs players(staff permission - tablistboard.staff)
%world% - player world
%rank% - player rank(metaperm)
%prefix% - player prefix(metaperm)
%suffix% - player suffix(metaperm)
%balance% - player balance
%currency:currency_name% - the displayed currency. Affects the %balance% placeholder
%statistic:statistic_name% - player stat

RegionGuard Placeholders(optional):

%region% - current player region
%type% - region type
%owner% - region owner
%region-role% - the type of trust a player has in the region
%min% - region’s minimum position
%max% - region’s maximum position
%region-size% - region size
%members-size% - members in region
%date% - region creation date
%claims_created% - the number of regions created by the player
%claims_limit% - player’s regions limit
%blocks_claimed% - the number of blocks claimed by the player
%blocks_limit% - player’s blocks limit
%subdivisions_limit% - player’s subdivisions limit
%members_limit% - the limit of participants per region per player
%max_claims_limit% - the maximum limit of regions a player has (using the economy)
%max_blocks_limit% - the maximum limit of blocks a player has (using the economy)
%max_subdivisions_limit% - the maximum limit of subdivisions a player has (using the economy)
%max_members_limit% - the maximum limit of members a player has (using the economy)

For developers:
Use events:

public class Main {

    public void onSetTablistEvent(SetTablistEvent event) {
      //Your code

    public void onSetEntry(SetTablistEvent.SetEntry event) {
      //Your code

    public void onSetScoreboardEvent(SetScoreboardEvent event) {
      //Your code



repositories {
	maven { 
		name = "JitPack"
		url 'https://jitpack.io' 
dependencies {
	implementation 'com.github.SawFowl:TablistBoard:1.1'

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Published on Jul 23, 2022




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