This plugin allows you to synchronize commands multiple Minecraft server instances via BungeeCord. Supported proxy: BungeeCord, WaterFall etc. Supported servers: SpongeVanilla/SpongeForge, Bukkit, Spigot, PaperSpigot etc. Theoretically can work on CatServer(not tested).

Support lang - ru_RU, en_US
Page on Spigot
Wiki - Github
Support me - PayPal

Contributor - fuzzoland
Original plugin - Spigot


Version 2.5.3►
Small code changes. Cleaning up. Improvements in localization.
BungeeCord 1.14 support is verified.

Version 2.5 ►
Now one single file!
The id of the plugin on the Sponge API is changed.
Fixed incorrect permissions in the Sponge API version.
Fixed a small localization error on the Bukkit API.
In language files, the symbol § is replaced by &.
The SelectLocalization.yml file in the Bukkit API version was deleted. Now the parameter for changing the language in the main config.
Now localization files are available on the Bungee and Sponge API. ◄

Version 2.4 + Sponge 0.9 - Creation of commands for the server on Sponge API is completed.

Version 2.4 + Sponge 0.5.9 - Added config option to remove data.txt. Added localization option for Bukkit version.

Version Bukkit 2.3-Fix + Sponge 0.5 - Fix errors on PaperSpigot servers. Added support Sponge servers(Not full. I have not yet been able to make the plugin commands on this core.)

========== Old ==========

Version 2.3 - Added support for spaces in the /sync command. Added version to internal checking. Fix null password bug.

Version 2.2 - Fix config file generation.

Version 2.1 - The config.txt will be updated on startup with some new options for auth and debug file logging.

Version 2.0b - Complete rewrite! Now uses Java networking making it a lot more flexible, reliable and secure.

Version 1.0 - Initial release. Not feature complete.

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Published on Apr 25, 2018




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