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Looking for a plugin to link up your server chats, pull in all your prefixes from spigot, bukkit and sponge, and give you loads more features like staff chats and private messaging? Look no further!

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‚Äč MultiChat lets you keep all your prefixes from LuckPerms and other permissions plugins!


  • MultiChat supports Spigot, Bukkit and Sponge to unify your servers and fetch all your player’s prefixes!
  • Global Chat to communicate between any number of your servers
  • Local Chat if you wish to only see the messages of people on 1 server
  • Placeholders for prefixes, suffixes, nicknames etc.
  • Private Messaging between any number of your servers
  • Ignore to prevent players talking to you!
  • Mute to stop rule breakers chatting
  • Mod and Admin chat streams for your staff to communicate
  • Group Chats that your players can make and customise to socialise with their friends
  • Network Join and Quit messages
  • Chat Control features using regex to find and replace or run commands
  • Anti-Spam to automatically deal with spammers
  • Execute commands over all your servers at once!
  • Silent Join for staff members
  • Coloured Chat for people with permission using “&”
  • HelpMe Command for players easily to contact staff
  • Freeze Chat to pause any messaging except for people with a bypass permission
  • Clear Chat to instantly wipe the whole chat stream
  • Announcements and Bulletins to easily send out information to your playerbase
  • Custom Broadcasts for when you need people to pay attention
  • Nickname your players with our powerful name management system
  • SocialSpy for your staff to monitor players when necessary
  • Configure Anything: Chat Formats, Command Aliases, Excluded Servers and much more!

The possibilities are endless!


The wiki will talk you through installation, configuration and all of the commands and permission nodes and how to use them!

I make MultiChat avaliable open source and for free, any donations for the time I put in would be greatly appreciated :) UPDATE: We now have a Patreon page!

The old donation link below is still active if you wish to make a one off donation!

MultiChat allows you to take all the individual servers on your bungeecord network and link them up in a way of your choosing to share a global chat stream, allowing you to exclude any servers you do not wish to do this, as well as private messaging between specific servers, a network wide moderator and admin chat stream. Not only this but you can have network wide group chats created by your players with many different options.

Everything is configurable and you can tailor MultiChat to look and work exactly how you want on your server! That said, I’ve spent a lot of time working on the default values to make sure that MultiChat is good to go the second your server starts up for the first time!

All the commands have permission nodes so you can control exactly who does what. There are also many admin commands to save plugin data, re-load the configuration file. You can freeze all chat except for players or staff with a bypass permission. There are permissions to allow players to use colour codes in the main chat. You can toggle if you see chat from all global chat servers or just the server you are currently on. Links in all chats are clickable to take you to the webpage you desire. Even some of the command aliases are editable to let you customize the plugin to work for YOU.

Download MultiChat today and I’m confident you won’t be disappointed!

If you have any suggestions or questions/criticisms please don’t leave them in the review section as its very hard for me to keep track of. Simply private message me on the Spigot Forums or throw down your ideas and thoughts in the discussion section and I will do everything in my power to make the plugin work for you!

Thankyou for downloading MultiChat, I hope that it helps you create the server that you are aiming for!

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Published on Feb 20, 2017




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